The name of this blog is Musings and is just that, things that come into my mind from the past or the present.  Things that happen or have happened or might even happen.  We tend not to tell our children what has happened in our lives and so we pass on and how often have we said ourselves "I wish I had spoken to him/her about their life".  Opportunities don't always arise as we get older because life is so busy for these young people juggling their lives, their children, their work, their play, their interests.  So this is just a bit of my life here and there and if it interests anyone who might happen to come across it, then feel free to look at the menu and select one or all of the simple things I have to say.  It might inspire you to blog yourself.  Who knows?

I would also be interested to know if you like them or not or if you have any queries about what I have said.  Please feel free to leave a comment.  Thanks

Travelling. Where are those sunnies? Will have to try and bring them back!!!